Tribute Programme
Metamorphosis Season 2007
July 12,13, 14, 15
Queen’s Hall, St. Ann’s

The Company

Lisa Beharry, Camille Fitz-Worme, Lorraine Fanan, Sarah-Petal Rigault, Zakiya Savary, Catherine Young, Nizette Edwards, Nicola Johnston, Anisa Lewis, Cretia Lewis, Crystal Letren, Crystal Lyons, Anya Reyes, Katherine Carrera, Safiya de Four, Jillene Forde, Jenise Anthony, Aviance Bain, Christina Hyatali, Chanel Martin Phillips, Dominique Rouse, Carla Williams, Zulema Charles, Ashley Arismandez, Charissa Harris, Celine Choo Woon Chee, Olivia Johnston, Elena Kam Chin, Amanda De Freitas, Laura Edwards, Candice Fabien, Nequila Atherley, Arianne Griffith and Ian Baptiste.

Artistic Director – Nancy Herrera
Production Team – Nancy Herrera, Carol Yip Choy, Gillian Merry, Susan Shurland, Randal Halfhide, Sonja Dumas, Camille Fitz-Worme, Lisa Beharry and Simone Phillips
Sound – David Camacho
Lighting design – Benny Gomes and Eric Boxer
Compilation of commemorative brochure – Sonja Dumas, Susan Shurland, Nancy Herrera, Patricia Roe
Brochure photography – Mark Lyndersay, Jeffrey Chock
Brochure concept, writing and production supervision – Sonja Dumas
Graphic Design and Layout – Dexter Lewis
Costume Construction – Maurice Raphael, Neil Adams, Ronald Guy-James

Soirée (2003)
A work based on the Belé of Trinidad and Tobago. The dance makes a departure from the traditional in many ways, especially in terms of costume.

Choreography: Joyce Kirton
Music: Traditional African-Caribbean percussion and folk songs
Played by: Gary Haywood, Larry Haywood, Kenny Goddard, Robert “Masika” Taylor
Lead Singer: Ian Baptiste
Design: Simone Phillips
Cast: Lisa Beharry (Queen), Jenise Anthony, Aviance Bain, Lorraine Fanan, Jillene Forde, Chanel Martin Phillips, Sarah-Petal Rigault, Arianne Griffith, Zakiya Savary, Catherine Young.

Stardust (1999)
Choreography: Joanne Decle and Michelle Mose
Music: Alexander Glazunov
Design: Simone Phillips
Cast Soloist: Camille Fitz-Worme
Corps de Ballet: Celine Choo Woon Chee, Amanda De Freitas, Laura Edwards, Nizette Edwards, Nicola Johnston, Olivia Johnston, Elena Kam Chin, Anisa Lewis, Cretia Lewis, Crystal Letren, Crystal Lyons, Anya Reyes, Dominique Rouse, Carla Williams, Catherine Young.

Images of MOULIN (1979), choreographed by Marcia Moze, Music: Offenbach, Massenet, Rossini; Design: Carlisle Chang.

Step-Up (2006)
Choreography: Gillian Merry
Music: From the movie Step-Up
Design: Gillian Merry and Neil Mornix
Cast: Jenise Anthony, Aviance Bain, Katherine Carrera, Safiya de Four, Lorraine Fanan, Jillene Forde, Christina Hyatali, Anisa Lewis, Chanel Martin Phillips, Arianne Griffith, Dominique Rouse, Carla Williams, Catherine Young.

Breakthrough (2007)
Break through limiting mentalities in order to find your personal freedom and your true being. Break through in order to live up to your unique potential.

Choreography: Dionne C. Griffiths
Music: Zap Mama and Bobby McFerrin
Text: Written by the dancers, recited by the choreographer
Costume curating: Dionne Griffiths
Cast: Safiya de Four, Nizette Edwards, Lorraine Fanan, Christina Hyatali.

Everything Comes to an End (1995) (excerpt)
Choreography: Carol Yip Choy
Music: Hoshirable and Kitaro
Design: John Christopher
Cast: Camille Fitz-Worme, Candice Fabien, Nequila Atherley.

The Rite of Spring (premiere)
Choreography: André Largen
Music: Igor Stravinsky
Costumes: Gillian Bishop
Cast A: Katherine Carrera, Crystal Letren, Anisa Lewis, Crystal Lyons, Dominique Rouse
Cast B: Safiya de Four, Nizette Edwards, Christiana Hyatali, Cretia Lewis, Carla Williams.

Drum Tap Jam (premiere)
Inspired by the sounds and rhythms of carnival, this work plays off tap against drum, drum against pan, J'ouvert against Panorama and dancer against dancer. It is informed by the era when tap developed as both a street art form and a competitive one. The piece also incorporates traditional American tap steps such as the Shim Sham Shimmy, as codified by Heather Rees. The penultimate section is inspired by the central section of Oh Be Joyful by Sonja Dumas, where the steps and movements are completely improvised.

Choreography: Gillian Merry
Additional choreography: Zulema Charles
Additional staging: Sonja Dumas
Concept collaborators: Gill Merry, Sonja Dumas and Everald "Redman" Watson
Costume Curating: Gill Merry & Sonja Dumas
Set Design: Kwynn Johnson
Music: Traditional African-Caribbean rhythms; Aldwyn Roberts (Lord Kitchener);
Played by: Gary Haywood, Larry Haywood, Kenny Goddard.
Live Pan: Martin Cain
Cast: Ashley Arismandez (apprentice), Zulema Charles, Candice Ellis-Taitt, Charissa Harris (apprentice), Nicola Johnston, Arianne Griffith, Crystal Letren, Chanel Martin Phillips, Carla Williams.


“…And the darkness falls…” (originally All in the Golden Afternoon (1981))

Dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Ivy Telfer, much-loved CSD pianist.

Choreography: Patricia Roe
Music: Cecile Chaminade
Design: Robert Las Heras
Cast: Safiya de Four, Lorraine Fanan, Camille Fitz-Worme, Christina Hyatali, Nicola Johnston.

Excerpt from ‘R ADAR BACH (2005)
Choreography: Claudia Applewhaite,
Soloist: Fana Fraser,
Music: R Adar Bach by Bragod.

Steps in the Street - “Devastation – Homelessness – Exile” (1936)

Premiered on 20 December 1936 at the Guild Theatre, New York City.

This is an excerpt from one of Martha Graham’s anti-war pieces called Chronicle, a piece which comes out of her feelings about the Spanish Civil War. “Steps” is a portrait of the human condition, and its subtitle, “Devastation – Homelessness – Exile”, conjures up as much meaning today as it had in 1936 when the piece was created.

Graham’s choreography is focused on one woman, who is constantly bypassed by lines of 12 other women in black. This early work of Graham has been revived to look fresh, while maintaining its abstractness.

Choreography: Martha Graham
Design: Martha Graham
Original lighting design: Jean Rosenthal. Lighting design reconstructed by Benny Gomes & Eric Boxer
Music: Wallingford Riegger
Cast: Safiya de Four, Nizette Edwards, Lorraine Fanan, Nicola Johnston, Crystal Letren, Anisa Lewis, Cretia Lewis, Crystal Lyons, Sarah-Petal Rigault, Dominique Rouse, Zakiya Savary, Carla Williams, Catherine Young.

Choreography and Design: Reggie Wilson,
Music: Junior Kimborough.

non se•qui•tur (2006)

1. An inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence.
2. A statement that does not follow logically from what preceded it.

A society wallowing in its own untruths leads to false notions of development. Is anything anyone says worth believing? Do those who lead and talk have any real connection to what the society really needs? Do they care? And what of the ones crying out for help? Has anybody really listened?

Choreography: Sonja Dumas
Music: Roderick L. Jackson and Marty Beller
Design: Sonja Dumas and Simone Phillips
Cast A: Katherine Carrera, Nicola Johnston, Crystal Letren
Cast B: Nizette Edwards, Christina Hyatali, Cretia Lewis

She (1974)

A trilogy on the black woman
She is Africa…out of her womb shall come the warriors
She is Rhythm…and cannot be resisted
She is Black…She, she alone

Choreography: Astor Johnson
Music: Andre Tanker; Traditional African Caribbean drums
Design: Astor Johnson
Poem: written by Lasana Kwesi
Cast Soloist: Lisa Beharry
Jenise Anthony, Aviance Bain, Jillene Forde, Chanel Martin Phillips, Sarah-Petal Rigault, Zakiya Savary, Catherine Young.

Bow-Wood (premiere)

Choreography: Nancy Herrera and Adele Bynoe
Music: Johann Schein and Georg Freidrich Händel
Played by: The Lydian Steel
Design: Simone Phillips
Cast: Safiya De Four (as Betty Keane),
Ian Baptiste (as Hugh Perry Keane),
Nizette Edwards, Crystal Letren, Anisa Lewis, Nicola Johnston, Cretia Lewis, Crystal Lyons.

This is the story of Hugh Perry Keane, a Vincentian planter, and Betty Keane, who was both his "plantation wife" and “Sable Venus". The piece is inspired by the research of historian Mark Quintanilla into the interpersonal relationships of people in colonial societies of the Caribbean.