Metamorphosis Dance Company
Presents: "Points of Passion"
Queen's Hall
Thursday 30th, April 2009 at 6.00 p.m
Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd May 2009 at 7.30 p.m.

Artistic Director: Nancy Herrera
Production Team: Nancy Herrera, Lisa Beharry, Nariba Robinson, Carol Yip Choy, Gillian Merry, Susan Shurland.
Lighting: Eric Grims
Stage Management: Maria Kind, Calvin Bartholomew, Denise Brown and Raymond Straker
Make up: Edmond Johnson
Live Ensemble Sharda Patasar (Sita), Kheon Delas (Pan), Prashant Patasar (Tabla) singers ?
Artwork concept and graphic design: Inglefield/Ogilvy Creative Team

Pilgrimage to what’s promised

There is an exodus of the various tribes to a new home by their leader, they go through times of rebellion. A new leader arises but in the end they follow the original leader to their new home.

Choreography: Andre Largen
Music: Jean-Luc Ponty
Dancers: Danae Bruce, Celine Choo Won Chee, Jenele Davis, Yia Gomez, Vaugn Harper, Anais Hinds, Jewelle Iles, Nicola Johnston, Elena Kamchin, Anisa Lewis, Chanel Martin-Phillip, Maia Morgan, Shari Rhyner, Charlotte Samaroo, Zakiya Savary, Anya Seepaul, Sidelle Wooding.
Design: Gillian Bishop


LE DEUIL (2008)
She mourns, yet the epitome of resilience.

This is about women and the struggles they go through, such as abuse, widowhood and so on yet overcomes because of the spirit within and her tenacity for life.

Choreography: Andre Largen
Music: Nina Simone
Design: Andre Largen realized by Natalie Phillip
Dancers: Nicola Johnston, Anisa Lewis, Shari Rhyner

Choreography: Bridgette Wilson
Music: Philip Glass
Design: Ronald Guy
Dancers: Yia Gomez, Mandisa Granderson, Esi Hayfron-Benjamin, Nicola Johnston, Charlotte Samaroo, Anya Seepaul, Breige Wilson, Sidelle Wooding.

CIRCLE SONG 1 (2009)
Choreography: Claudia Applewhaite
Music: Bobby McFerrin
Design: Robert LasHeras
Dancer: Nicola Johnston

STUDIO (2009)
Choreography: Lisa Beharry
Music: Justin Timberlake, Fergie, Pussy Cat Dolls, (more)
Design: Simone Phillips and dancers
Dancers: Danae Bruce, Celine Choo Won Chee, Jenele Davis, Yia Gomez, Mandisa Granderson, Vaugn Harper, Esi Hayfron-Benjamin, Anais Hinds, Jewelle Iles, Elena Kamchin, Deliece Knights, Anisa Lewis, Chanel Martin-Phillip, Maia Morgan, Charlotte Samaroo, Zakiya Savary, Anya Seepaul, Alainy Sorzano, Breige Wilson, Sidelle Wooding.


! (2009)
Choreography: Ashley Arismandez, Nicola Johnston and Anya Seepaul
Music: Lady Gaga, Machel Montano, Sergio Mendez, Beyonce and Brittany Spears
Design: Simone Phillips
Dancers: Ashley Arismandez, Yia Gomez, Esi Hayfron-Benjamin, Jewelle Iles, Chanel Martin-Phillip, Zakiya Savary, Anya Seepaul, Sidelle Wooding.

Kathak dancers from the Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Cooperation: Puja Malhotra, Sashikala Roopchandsingh and Roma Johnny, and from the Nrityanjali Theatre: Sat Balkaransingh, Malvani Seelal Alexander, Soma Dhanraj Mangroo and Veejhi Seeramlal

The ultimate oasis, taste and you will never be the same

This is about the woman at the well having lived a loose lifestyle has an encounter with Jesus and is never the same as she drinks from the well that never runs dry.

Choreography: Andre Largen
Music: Stevie Wonder and Anointed
Design: Ronald Guy
Dancers: Danae Bruce, Jenele Davis, Yia Gomez, Nicola Johnston, Anisa Lewis, Shari Rhyner, Zakiya Savary

SEEDS (2007)
Changing relationship with mother
Ebb and flow
Coming in to one’s own

Seeds is a look into the ever-changing relationship we have with our mothers. From birth to adolescence to starting a family of our own, this work expresses the bond we share, the lessons we learn and the journey of finding our own individual place in the world.

Choreography: Nicole Wesley
Music: Underworld and cast
Music arranged by: Dustin Downs
Design: Simone Phillips
Lighting Design: Eric Grims
Cast A (Thursday and Saturday) Jenele Davis, Mandisa Granderson, Esi Hayfron-Benjamin, Deliece Knights, Anisa Lewis, Sidelle Wooding.

Cast B (Friday) Juan-Pablo Alba-Dennis, Celine Choo Won Chee, Jewelle Iles, Isaiah Luther, Maia Morgan, Charlotte Samaroo, Breige Wilson.

Of individual vulnerability, institutional voyeurism and tropical violence.
This is a study for a larger work.

Choreography: Sonja Dumas
Music: Atilla the Hun, traditional Caribbean folk songs
Script: Sonja Dumas, Safiya de Four and Chanel Martin Phillips
Design: Sonja Dumas and Simone Phillips
Set Construction: Christopher Littrean
Dancers: Chanel Martin Phillips and Bridgette Wilson

Choreography: Patricia Roe
Music: Louis Moreau Gotschalk
Design: Robert Las Heras
Dancers: Juan-Pablo Alba-Dennis, Nicola Johnston, Isaiah Luther, Bridgette Wilson

Choreography: Joyce Kirton
Music: Sita - Sharda Patasar; Tabla - Prashant Patasar
Drummers: Robert (Masika) Taylor and Anderson Reid
Pannist: Kheon Delas
Vocalists: Neval Chatelal, Rose Marie Gomes, Terry David, Michelle Dowrich and Joanne Foster
Design: John Christopher
Dancers: Juan-Pablo Alba-Dennis, Mandisa Granderson, Jewelle Iles, Abeo Jackson, Deliece Knights, Anisa Lewis, Isaiah Luther, Chanel Martin-Phillip, Shari Rhyner, Anya Seepaul, Breige Wilson.
Understudies are Jenele Davis, Yia Gomez and Sidelle Wooding.