Metamorphosis Dance Company

Presents: "Language of the Soul"

Queen's Hall

Thursday 25th April at 6.30 p.m., Friday 26th, Saturday 27th at 7:30 p.m

Sunday 28th April 2012 at 6:30 p.m.

Artistic Director: Nancy Herrera

Production Team:Nancy Herrera, Susan Shurland, Nariba Robinson, Carol Yip Choy, Bridgette Wilson, Shari Rhyner

Stage Management: Giselle Langton

Lighting: Curtis Bachan

Wardrobe: Carol Yip Choy and Michelle Mose

Artwork/Design: Abovegroup Ogilvy


Everything Comes To An End (1995)

Choreographer: Carol Yip Choy

Cast A (Thursdays & Saturday):

Reed Nottingham, Keeley Hosang,

Andrea Mohammed,

Leah Mendoza, Celeste Libert

Cast B (Friday & Sunday):

Katherine Carrera, Marianna Frederick,

Ana Maria De Freitas,

Yannick Best, Vaugn Harper

Music: Kitaro; traditional Japanese drums

Designer: John Christopher

Circle Song 1 – A Final Frolic (2009)

Choreographer: Claudia Applewhaite

Cast: Celine Singh (Saturday & Sunday)

Anais Hinds (Thursday & Friday)

Music: Bobby McFerrin

Designer: Robert Las Heras

Where We Stand (2010)

Choreographer: Juan Pablo Alba Dennis

Cast: Juan Pablo Alba Dennis and Yia Gomez

Anais Hinds (Understudy)

Music: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

Designer: Robert Las Heras

le vitrail • glasmalerei (2012)

Choreographer: Bridgette Wilson

Cast: Celeste Libert, Marie Lashley, Leah Mendoza,

Vaugn Harper, Yia Gomez, Shari Rhyner,

Anais Hinds, Reed Nottingham, Celine Singh

Music: Fauré, Phillip Glass

Designer: Robert Las Heras


Dream Diptych (2011)

Better never to have met you in my dream than to wake and reach for hands that are not there ~ Otomo No Yakamochi

Choreographer: Bridgette Wilson

Cast: Juan Pablo Alba Dennis and Yia Gomez (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Marie Lashley (Sunday)

Music: Kissing You by Des’ree

Designer: Robert Las Heras

Choreographer: Claudia Applewhaite

Dancer: Shari Rhyner

Music: Donny Hathaway

Designer: Robert Las Heras

#ThisIsWar (2013)

Choreographer: Bridgette Wilson

Cast (Trio):

Saraya Murray, Jael Neptune, Katherine Carrera (Thursday)

Marie Lashley, Katherine Carrera, Anais Hinds (Friday)

Celine Singh, Marie Lashley, Anais Hinds (Saturday & Sunday)

Corps: Dara Marie Raggay, Reed Nottingham, Mercedes Prevatt, Keeley Hosang, Celeste Libert, Yannick Best, Leah Mendoza, Ja’ Near McIntosh, Reneé Theroulde, Andrea Mohammed, Anna-Marie De Freitas

Music: Awolnation

Designer: Bridgette Wilson

‘R Adar Bach (2006)

Choreographer: Claudia Applewhaite

Cast: Shari Rhyner - Vaugn Harper (Understudy)

Music: Bragod

Designer: Robert Las Heras

Which Way Is Up? (2012)

Choreographer: Roderick Johnson

Cast: Anna-Marie De Freitas, Andrea Mohammed, Vaugn Harper, Anais Hinds, Celine Singh, Yia Gomez, Mercedes Prevatt, Ja’ Near McIntosh,

Reed Nottingham, Jael Neptune, Yanick Best, Marianna Frederick,

Keeley Hosang, Leah Mendoza, Marie Lashley, Celeste Libert, Saraya Murray

Dara-Marie Raggay, Reneé Theroulde, Michael Mortley,

Juan Pablo Alba Dennis, Joseph Lewis

Music: Soul Dancers by Jim McGarth

Designer: Simone Phillips