We were taken on a tour of the country where we visited the Irazù volcano, La Basilica Church, the National Park and finally had lunch at a very exquisite restaurant.

Check out the pictures of our adventures below!


The dancers fully enjoyed being at the volcano.



One of the drummers being adventurous


The company director Mrs. Nancy Herrera, Costume Director Mrs. Carol Yip Choy and a representative from the embassy.

Group photo before leaving the volcano.

We dance everywhere we go!




Shopping at the volcano site.



Some of the company members and the drummers at the volcano.

The scenery at the restaurant.





All smiles at the table.

Picture taken near the restaurant.

View from one of the parks we visited.








Once again, we never stop dancing!






Beautiful stained glass at La Basilica

Except from Le Vitrail - Choreographed by Ms. Bridgette Wilson. The piece was actually inspired by churches in Europe- it was only fitting we took a picture!