Metamorphosis Dance Company
Presents: "DECADE"
Celebrating 10 Years in Dance

Artistic Director:
Nancy Herrera

Production team:
Denise Brown, John Christopher, Sonja Dumas, Gillian Merry, Simone Phillips, Patricia Roe, Susan Shurland, Carol Yip Choy.

Queen’s Hall

Stage Management:
Calvin Bartholomew, Denise Brown, Todd Hill, Raymond Straker

Graphic Design:
DS Grafix, Peter Shim

Jeffrey Chock

Missa “Rosa Mystica” (2004)
Vito Carnevali’s Mass, written in honour of Our lady as the Mystic Rose.

Choreography: Patricia Roe
Composer: Vito Carnevali
Music: The Lydian Singers and Lydian Steel under the direction of Pat Bishop
Keyboards: Lindy-Ann Bodden Ritch and Myrtle Cumberbatch
Design: Pat Bishop

Dancers: Cast A Cast B
Gloria- Katherine Carrera Christina Hyatali
Credo- Fana Fraser Lisa Beharry
Sanctus, Benedictus- Nicola Johnston Cretia Lewis

"Everything Comes To An End (1995) debut- first season, “Beginnings”"
Choreography: Carol Yip Choy
Music: “Honshirable” Kitaro
Design: John Christopher
Dancers: Cast A: Safiya de Four, Nizette Edwards, Christina Hyatali, Cretia Lewis, Chanel Martin-Phillip
Cast B: Safiya de Four, Nizette Edwards, Lorraine Fanan, Chanel Martin-Phillip, Dominique Samaroo

"Scenes from Le Moulin (2004)"
Choreography: Gillian Merry
Music and inspiration from Baz Luhrman movie “Moulin Rouge”
Design: Simone Phillips

Scene 1: Boudoir Tango
Madame: Lisa Beharry
Roxanne: Nalini Akal
The Stranger: Gregor Breedy
The New Arrival: Kizzy Gift
Corps: Katherine Carrera, Zulema Charles, Fana Fraser, Arianne Griffith,
Nicola Johnston, Annika Reveillac, Sarah-Petal Rigault, Deon Baptiste, Ian Baptiste
Bouncers: Courtesy the Lydian Singers – Kino Allverez, Dwayne Gill, Shaakir Griffith, Gerard Kenned, John Thomas, Jamel Williams

Scene 2: lady Marmalade
As above with Candice Ellis Taitt, Crystal Lyons, Kino Allverez, Dwayne Gill,
Shaakir Griffith, Cory Williams
Featuring Juan Pablo Alba Dennis as Toulouse Lautrec

Scene 3: Material Girls
Solo and additional choreography: Zulema Charles
Corps: Arianne Griffith, Sarah Hudson-Phillips, Nicola Johnston, Megan Navarro, Olivia Navarro

Scene 4: Because we Can, Can-Can
Fana Fraser, Kizzy Gift, Crystal Lyons, Anika Reveillac, Sarah-Petal Rigault

Scene 5: And It’s Called The Moulin Rouge
Full Cast

"Transcendence (2005)"
Choreography: Gary de Matas
Germination – Traditional Drumming
Actualisation – Eyuphuro
Propagation: Giampiero Ponte
Design: John Christopher
Dancers: The Company

"Geminian (2005)"
Choreography: Lisa Beharry
Music: Nelly Furtado –“Sacred of you”
Design: Simone Phillips
Dancers: Lorraine Fanan and Arianne Griffith, Catherine Young and Nicola Johnston

"W (2005)"
Waste matter/wanting money/wishing to be like a “big” country/wonton destruction of heritage/willingness to look the other way/wishing to forget/wanting even more money/wasted/needing only the basic, like water.

Choreography: Sonja Dumas, in collaboration with the Metamorphosis Dancers (listed below)
Music: Sound Collage (prologue): Cedric Smart
Vocal and instrumental Baaba Maal
Video Direction, shooting and editing: Sonja Dumas
Dancers: Prologue: Safiya de Four, Nizette Edwards, Lorraine Fanan, Christina Hyatali, Cretia Lewis
Statement: Katherine Carrera, Safiya de Four, Nizette Edwards, Lorraine Fanan, Kadija Gardiner, Christina Hyatali, Cretia Lewis, Chanel Martin-Phillip, Anikka Reveillac, Sarah-Petal Rigault, Catherine Young

"Unknown Blues (1999)
Unknown Blues (Variation 1) (2005)"
Choreography: Reggie Wilson/Sonja Dumas using Reggie Wilson’s choreographic material
Music: Mississippi Fred McDowell
Design: Reggie Wilson
Dancers: Sonja Dumas/Sonja Dumas with Kizzy Gift/Bridgette Wilson
American choreographer Reggie Wilson, who has worked with Metamorphosis in 1995 and 2001, created a solo for Sonja Dumas in 1999 and recently encouraged her to perform it not only as a solo but as a variation using additional dancers with her own choreographic input. The solo performance is the original choreography for Unknown Blues. Variation 1 is the first experiment.

"Mystic Forest (1998)"
Debut – Metamorphosis third season, “Passages”
Choreography: Nancy Herrera
Music: Ravi Shankar and Traditional Drumming
Drummers: Everald (Redman) Watson, Gary Haywood, Larry Haywood
Design: Carlisle Chang
Special Guest: Stilt-walkers from Kilimanjaro School of Arts and Culture
Forerunners: Stilt-walkers
Islanders: Lisa Beharry, Kizzy Gift, Anikka Reveillac, Sarah-Petal Rigault, Deon Baptiste, Ian Baptiste
Quillibee: Katherine Carrera, Dominique Samaroo
Outlanders: Zulema Charles, Kadija Gardiner, Cretia Lewis, Bridgette Wilson, Gregor Breedy, Delton Frank

The Company: Lisa Beharry, Katherine Carrera, Zulema Charles, Safiya de Four, Nizette Edwards, Candice Ellis Taitt, Lorraine Fanan, Fana Fraser, Kadija Gardiner, Kizzy Gift, Arianne Griffith, Christina Hyatali, Nicola Johnston, Cretia Lewis, Crystal Lyons, Chanel Martin-Phillip, Anikka Reveillac, Sarah-Petal Rigault, Dominique Samaroo, Bridgette Wilson, Catherine Young

Guest Dancers: Nalini Akal, Deon Baptiste, Ian Baptiste, Gregor Breedy, Sonja Dumas, Delton Frank, Sarah Hudson-Phillips, Megan Navarro, Olivia Navarro