Metamorphosis Dance Company
Presents: "Celebrating 15 years of Dancing"
Queen's Hall
Thursday 29th, Friday 30th, April 2010 at 8.00 p.m
Saturday 1st, Sunday 2nd May 2010 at 6.30 p.m.


Artistic Director: Nancy Herrera
Production Team: Nancy Herrera, Carol Yip Choy, Bridgette Wilson, Susan Shurland, Nariba Robinson and Shari Rhyner.
Lighting: Curtis Bachan
Stage Management: Denise Brown and Raymond Straker
Artwork/Design: Inglefield/Ogilvy & Mather (Creative Team)

EXODUS (2010)
A dynamic emergence of flight through splendor and strife, Exodus explores the resiliency of evolution through images of birds and beauty. Ten dancers, synchronized through physicality and play, design the space into a moving landscape of motion as they revel in an emotional, relational and spiritual passage.

Choreography: Nicole Wesley
Music: Balanescu Quartet
Dancers: Juan Pablo Alba Dennis, Celine Choo Woon Chee, Yia Gomez, Esi Hayfron-Benjamin, Anais Hinds, Jewelle Iles, Elena Kam Chin, Ruth Porther, Shari Rhyner, Anya Seepaul, Zakiya Tuere Savary, Bridgette Wilson.
Design: Neil Adams.

Choreography: Carol Yip Choy
Music: Kitaro; traditional Japanese drums
Dancers: Tai Falby, Bhakita Johnston, Marie Lashley, Raquel Nottingham, Reed Nottingham, Natalia Williams
Design: John Christopher.

Sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps us going through times of pain and suffering; but perseverance and defeat can be two sides of the same coin.

Choreography: Ruth Porther
Music: A change is gonna come; by Seal
Dancers: Celine Choo Woon Chee, Maia Morgan, Sidelle Wooding
Costume Design: Ruth Porther.

SKINS (2009)
Skins is are a contemporary fusion of complex traditional , Africa and Modern dance that speaks through the body what can’t be said in words. Skin through its ever pulsating rhythm transforms moments of calm into euphoria.

Choreography: Elvis Radgman
Music: Skins by Andy Monroe
Dancers: Bridgette Wilson, Shari Rhyner, Breige Wilson, Juan Pablo Alba Dennis, Yia Gomez, Gesiye Souza Okpofabri, Deliece Knights ,Sidelle Wooding,Ruth Porther, Esi Hayfron Benjamin, Maia Morgan
Costume Design: Elvis Radgman.


R.E.M (2010)
There is more to sleeping than the eyes can see.

Choreography: Bridgette Wilson
Music: Composed and Performed by Karl Doyle of Blue Culture
Sleepers: Celine Choo Woon Chee, Esi Hayfrom Benjamin, Elena Kam Chin, Maia Morgan, Zakiya Tuere Savary, Breige Wilson
Alternates: Tai Falby, Deliece Knights, Marie Lashley, Reed Nottingham, Gesiye Okpofabri
R.E.M Sleep Cycle: Juan Pablo Alba Dennis, Yia Gomez, Anais Hinds, Ruth Porther, Shari Rhyner, Anya Seepaul
Alternates: Alainy Sorzano, Natalia Williams, Sidelle Wooding
Costume Design: John Christopher
Video: Bridgette Wilson and Sonja Dumas

SEEDS (2007)
Evolving. Changing relationship with mother. Maturation. Human ebb and flow. Coming into one’s own. Lineage. Maternal Bond.

Seeds is a look into the ever-changing relationship we have with our mothers. From birth to adolescence to starting a family of our own, this work expresses the bond we share, the lessons we learn and the journey of finding our own individual place in the world.

Choreography: Nicole Wesley
Music: Underworld and cast
Music Arranged by: Dustin Downs
Design: Simone Phillips
Lighting Design: Eric Grims

Choreography: Juan Pablo Alba Dennis
Music: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
Male Dancer: Juan Pablo Alba Dennis
Female Dancer: Yia Gomez/Anya Seepaul/Ruth Porther/Sidelle Wooding
Costume Design: Robert Las Heras

SHE (1974)
A trilogy on the black woman
She is Africa...out of her womb shall come the warriors
She is Rhythm...and cannot be resisted
She is Black...She, she alone

Choreography: Astor Johnson
Music: Andre Tanker; Traditional African Caribbean drums
Cast Soloist: Shari Rhyner
Dancers: Zakiya Tuere Savary, Jewelle Iles, Alainy Sorzano and Anais Hinds
Design: Astor Johnson
Poem: written by Lasana Kwesi

Choreography: Delton Frank
Music: Traditional Drumming, Additional music- 'Bassa Kele' by Mamou Sidibe
Dancers: The Company
Design: John Christopher