Juan Pablo Alba Dennis

Our first recipient of the scholarship, Juan Pablo Alba-Dennis won a new scholarship from the Chinese Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago, to a school in China where he studied for a year. We are very proud of Juan Pablo and the teaching staff of the Caribbean School of Dancing.

The student was awarded the scholarship based on him being enrolled at the Caribbean School of Dancing and training in two dance techniques, a member of the Metamorphosis Dance Company, and showing potential to go on to professional dance training. He had to be recommended by the senior teaching staff of the dance school to the Artistic Director of the Dance Company.

About Juan Pablo...

Juan Pablo is the nephew of experienced and celebrated dancer and son of the soil, Paul Dennis, who graduated frm the prestigious Juilliard School and then went on to dance with the Limon Dance Company of New York. Juan Pablo hopes to follow a similar path.

This Juan Pablo has certainly shown his competence in dance, as he has achieved “Distinction”, (the highest grade), from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in Intermediate Ballet. In the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) Advanced 2 Tap exam he gained 95%. Additionally, many will remember his performances in the Wizard of Oz and Jesus Christ Superstar. He was also chosen as a featured dancer to participate in the Bently Potter School of Dance production. Furthermore, Juan Pablo won a number of prizes for voice at the T&T Music Festival 2010.

He has served as a member of the Lydian Singers. Besides dancing and choreographing for the Annual Metamorphosis season presentations he had excelled in the Fame Talent Show, Moulin Rouge, and recently danced at the state funeral for Sir Ellis Clarke.


Currently, Juan Pablo is pursuing dance at a tertiary level at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater.

Photo courtesy Metamorphosis Dance Company


Grace Aguiton, sister of KathleenArmstrong Kilgour, Juan Pablo Alba Dennis and Nancy Herrera, Artistic Director of Metamorphosis Dance Company.


Photograph courtesy Metamorphosis Dance Company