| | | Anais Hinds

| | | Anais Hinds, has received the 2012 award of the Kathleen Armstrong Kilgour (KAK) Dance Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a deserving Metamorphosis dancer for commitment and dedication to dance practice.

| | Anais Hinds at the Award ceremony - Photo courtesy Celine Choo Woon Chee

| | Nancy Herrera, Artistic Director of The Metamorphosis Dance Company, sums up Anais's character as follows: "Anais was chosen for her commitment and passion for dance adn for her technical and expressive proficiency in dance. She is disciplined, determined and hard-working. She enjoys being challenged: she has an advanced working knowledge of the technical demands of varying styles and dance forms. She has become an important member and soloist of the company dancing the choreography of local and foreign-based choreographers. She is reliable and consistent and has developed a good relationship with her fellow dancers and members of staff. She is a quiet power horse."

| |  |    Anais, soloist in Metamorphosis's 2013 season "Language of the Soul" ("Circle Song" Choreographed by Claudia Applewhaite). Photo courtesy Karen Johnstone.

| |   Hinds, has already gained full certification in the professional levels of ballet, from the Royal Academy of Dance, UK.

|  |  Apart from a variety of dance classes five days a week, Anais is an avid reader and likes to bake in her spare time. She is now a senior member and soloist in the company and has performed both locally and on tour since becoming a member.

| |    | Hinds and Metamorphosis Artistic Director, Nancy Herrera. Photo courtesy Celine Choo Woon Chee.

| | |   She is currently a student at the University of the West Indies, pursing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.